The Anti Hemorrhoid Cream

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Basic Information

HemorrhoSTOP provides painless and effortless relief of all common hemorrhoidal symptoms: swelling, bleeding, itching, difficult defecation, discomfort in sitting position.*

Usage Guide

HemorrhoSTOP is for external usage only. Apply it on the painful and irritated area. In early hemorrhoids stage, use up to 2 times per day. If the condition has progressed further, use the cream more often. Note that it does not leave stains on underwear. Apply it even before leaving home or with thin / delicate clothes.

Suitable for…?

Due ot its natural ingredient, HemorrhoSTOP is suitable for all ages with no hidden risk for health*. The cream is suitable for both - women and men - and it is apppropriate for active treatment and prophylaxis*. HemorrhoSTOP can be used for external and internal hemorrhoids, regardess the stage of the condition*.

Moneyback guarantee

Effective and natural hemorrhoid treatment cream HemorrhoSTOP

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